There are a lot of different BandarQ online card games that you can find and play. But there are a lot of different versions of Poker that you might not even know about. Of course, we all know about classic poker, but what other versions of poker exist that you do not even know of?

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular versions of poker. It is played almost anywhere that you can make bets and gamble and the rules for it are very simple even if you have never played the game before. It is the easiest form of poker you can pick up.

Omaha High has a lot more action and betting if you are not getting enough excitement out of Texas Hold’em. This is the second most popular version of poker and it is often the second variation of the game that people will learn how to play. This is when betting comes in a lot more and your choices start to matter. On that same note, Omaha Hi-lo is also a very popular version of poker and in this version any card that is an eight or better is going to be your best chance at winning.

Seven Card Stud formally owned the title of the most popular poker variant until Texas Hold’em came in and took all of the players. This game can be a little more difficult to learn and the only people who really play it are professional poker players. It is a fun game that you should try out if you and your friends are looking to make bets and gamble with each other. But you should not try this at a casino until you are ready for a challenge.

Razz takes the traditional poker that you know and love and flips it on its head. Everyone loves to put a spin on things and in this game, the hand that has the lowest numbers and the lowest rank will win. You would usually trade out the 2s and the 3s that you get, but in Razz those are the cards that mean the most. It’s a fun game that you should definitely check out. It might become one of your new favorites.

And Five Card draw. This one is the game that you were probably taught while growing up as it is known to be the easiest version of poker to pick up and learn. It takes all of the fun of poker, but it makes the game super simple so that anyone can play it. And they do, parents teach this one to their kids because it’s fun and the kids get to be involved in the fun.